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I V I N S  C H I R O P R A C T I C


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Dr. Kevin Ivins

Principal Chiropractor

Dip. Ed, BSc, MChiropractic, ICSSD

/ Dr. Ivins attended the Australian Catholic University and received a Diploma of Education and a Bachelor of Science and Master of Chiropractic degree from Macquarie University. After four years as a PhD candidate in Neuroscience investigating The Convergence Pattern of Afferents from Facet joints at T1 to T4, the Pericardium and the Myocardium in the rat. Dr. Ivins undertook a sabbatical in order to complete a Diploma of International Chiropractic Sports Science from the Federation Internationale de Chiropratique de Sport in conjunction with Acupuncture at the Australian Medical Acupuncture Training Centre. This has enabled him to be registered with the International Olympic Committee to provide care for elite athletes. 

/ He is a licenced Radiographer in Spinal and Extremities and is qualified in Venepuncture and
 Drug and Alcohol Detection. Dr. Ivins has held a position at Macquarie University, Centre for Chiropractic where he worked as a Lecturer, Clinic Supervisor and Clinical Competency Board Examiner.

/ Dr. Ivins currently works in private practice providing effective, non-surgical relief for both minor and complex problems. His approach is to find the underlying cause of a presenting condition via analysis of all available medical information and a careful assessment of functional and structural abnormalities. Having achieved this a program of therapy can be designed and implemented to successfully manage a range of disorders to suit each individual given the scope of Chiropractic care.


/ Dr. Ivins' current research and the development of a protocol regarding the causation and resolution of insidious Dysautonomia, Vagopathy, and Autonomic Nervous System Imbalances is the foundation for his present Master of Science in Medicine studies at Sydney University with a further resuscitation of his previous Doctorate research in cardiac pain. 

/ Dr. Ivins is a registered Healthcare Provider with the Australian Government My Health Record

During Dr. Ivins’ career he has had the privilege to receive mentorship and friendship from the late Professor Keith Kancross and Dr. Ronald Flint who provided him with the foundations that still to this day influence the way Dr. Ivins provides treatment.

"It is of absolute necessity for any health professional to fully understand the complexity of a presenting patient's condition and therefore realise how their chosen modality of treatment can affect the outcomes of such conditions without causing harm to the patient. The practitioner in my humble opinion requires to subjugate their ego and serve the patient with integrity, compassion and provide realistic outcomes for the chosen treatment protocol."​


Catherine Dao

BChiroSc, Chiropractic Masters Candidate, Massage Therapist

/ Catherine has been a part of the team at Ivins Chiropractic since 2018 and currently works as a Chiropractic Assistant and Massage Therapist.

/ Catherine attended Macquarie University and received a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science Degree (Anatomy and Physiology). Catherine is currently enrolled in the Master of Chiropractic program to pursue further research opportunities in Neuroscience and Pediatrics.

/ Catherine brings this level of prior learning to her massage therapy sessions enhancing her ability to accurately assess and use appropriate massage techniques to be able to assist individuals in their recovery, promote health and maintain mobility. 

/ Her collaborative approach to patient management with the other practitioners of Ivins Chiropractic ensures the best level of care to our patients. 

/ Catherine specializes in trigger point, deep tissue therapy, muscle energy technique (MET) and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF). 

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